PC Pumpkin Spice Loaf


It’s a lazy Sunday morning and there’s a chill in the air. I decided to warm things up a little by brewing some coffee and doing a little lazy cooking. I had bought this PC Pumpkin Spice Loaf Mix a few weeks ago and thought I’d try it out. It’s beyond simple. Two eggs, oil and water added to the mix and bake for 40 minutes. It smells Devine! I’m waiting for it to cool and will update after I taste it!

~Update! It’s pretty darn tasty! Next time I’d add some pumpkin seeds to the top.



Last Day for Clinique Bonus @ The Bay!


Last Day for Clinique Bonus @ The Bay!

I picked up two of these. I love the Clinique Bonus Events. These typically run in the Fall and in the Spring at The Bay & Sears.

This one was a pretty good deal: spend $31.00 or over and receive the 7 piece gift.

My favourite foundation is Clinique Redness Solutions or Clinique Even Better (in shade 02). They both feel weightless and have very good natural looking coverage.

The cost at the Bay is $34.00 add on the free gift and I’ve gotten ‘good bang for my buck’.

The bonus gift:
Exclusive cosmetics bag
Repairwear Laser Focus Eye, 7mL
New Repairwear Laser Focus, 15mL
New Dramatically Different Moistuirzing Lotion+, 30mL
High Impact Mascara
YOUR CHOICE: Almost Lipstick in Lovely Honey or Luscious Honey
YOUR CHOICE: New All About Shadow Duo in Buttered Toast or Day Into Date

Another Shopping Haul (Material Girl, Expression)

Bracelette by ‘Material Girl’


Collar necklace by ‘Expression’

Earrings by ‘Expression’

Hair Elastic by ‘Material Girl’

I’m kind of liking the ‘metal’ look this fall. It’s a little edgy and fun. It also gives me a reason to use the ‘steel/gun medal’ coloured nail polish I bought last year.

THE BEAN LADIES made me a black bean lover!

I met “The Bean Ladies” (Julie and Jamie) at a craft show.

They urged me to try a black bean dip, I was sure I wouldn’t like it. I really don’t like beans, however with some coaxing I gave it a try and found out I love black beans!
They offer soups, chili, appetizers, side dishes,desserts and roasted soybean snacks.

My favourite products so far:
Que Pasa Black Bean Dip
Potluck Pasta Salad
Chai Latte Soybean Snacks
Toasted Sesame Soybean Snack

I want to try the Double Chocolate Bean Brownies (Gluten Free).

These products are sold at juried craft shows, fall fairs, specialty stores ,community events and online.

dyson DC15 Animal

I found a good deal and bought my first dyson. I am almost embarrased to admit it but I am in love with my vacuum cleaner! It’s easy to use, the cannister empties easily and it cleans better than any vacuum I have ever used. One improvement would be a longer hose (get your mind out of the gutter I am talking about a vacuum).

dyson DC15 Animal

dyson DC15 Animal